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Friday, June 30, 2006

Thoughts for a July 4th Holiday --

"Defending Democracy"....

'but to defend democracy by military means one must be militarily efficient, and one cannot become militarily efficient without centralizing power, setting up a tyranny, imposing some form of conscription or slavery to the state. In other words, the military defence of democracy in contemporary circumstances entails the abolition of democracy even before war starts.'

---ALDOUS HUXLEY (1894-1963)

Excerpt from this book below--

Slouching Toward Empire--

"Institutions have a way of evolving over time -- after a few years, they no longer resemble the originals. Early in the 21 st -century, the U.S.A. is no more like the America of 1776 than the Vatican under the Borgia popes was like Christianity at the time of the Last Supper... "

"Still, while the institutions evolve, the ideas and theories about them tend to be fixed; it is as if people hadn't noticed. In America, all the restraints inhibitions and modesty of the Old Republic have been blown away by the prevailing winds of the new Empire. In their place has emerged a vainglorious system of conceit, deceit, debt and delusion."

"The U. S. Constitution is almost exactly the same document with exactly the same words it had when it was written, but the words that used to bind and chaff have turned into soft elastic. The government that couldn't tax, couldn't spend, and couldn't regulate, can now do anything it wants. The Executive has all the power it needs to do practically anything. Congress goes along, like a simpleminded stooge, insisting only that the spoils be spread around...."

Empire of Debt (2006), The rise of an Epic Financial Crisis -- Bill Bonner and Addison Wiggin (Introduction)


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