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Friday, August 25, 2006

Mumbai's 'Hitler's Cross' restaurant to change name after uproar

Mumbai's 'Hitler's Cross' restaurant to change name after uproar

By The Associated Press

A restaurant named after Adolf Hitler that enraged Mumbai's Jewish community will soon have a new moniker, its owner promised Thursday.

Puneet Sablok said he would remove Hitler's name and the Nazi swastika from billboards and the eatery's menu after it had angered so many people. He had previously said the name and symbols were only meant to attract attention.

"Yes, I have decided to change the name. I never wanted to hurt people's
feelings," said Sablok, who made the decision after meeting with members from Mumbai's small Jewish community.

"Once they told me how upset they were with the name, I decided to change it. I never wanted to create this controversy or hurt people with this name," said Sablok. "I don't want to do business by hurting people."

Hitler's Cross opened five days ago and serves pizza, salad and pastries in Navi Mumbai, a suburb of Mumbai, also known as Mumbai.

Mumbai's Jews had called the theme of the restaurant offensive, and demanded a name change. There are about 5,500 Jews in India, with about 4,500 of them living in Mumbai.

On Thursday, Mumbai's Jewish community welcomed Sablok's decision."He
realized he made a mistake and listened to reason," said Elijah Jacob, a
community leader. "Some people have wrong conceptions of history and he
realized it was not appropriate."

Some Indians regard Hitler as just another historical figure and have little knowledge about the Holocaust. Swastikas, an ancient Hindu symbol appropriated by the Nazis, are displayed all over India to bring luck.

Curtesy of The Raw Story


Blogger Beau Peep said...

It is such a shame that Punit was coerced into changing its name. This is why.

1:46 AM

Blogger MrKen45 said...

The Holocaust is NOT a matter of debate, except by the willfully blind and stupid. To quote your own source, Wikipedia --

"...They are nevertheless commonly labeled as "Holocaust deniers" to differentiate them from historical revisionists by those who consider their goal to be not historical inquiry using evidence and established methodology, but rather to try to prove that the Holocaust did not occur, regardless of historical evidence..."

"...The Jews of Europe were the main victims of the Holocaust in what the Nazis called the "Final Solution of the Jewish Question" (die Endlösung der Judenfrage) or "the cleaning" (die Reinigung). The commonly used figure for the number of Jewish victims is six million, though estimates by historians using, among other sources, records from the Nazi regime itself, range from five million to seven million. Millions of other minorities also perished in the Holocaust in addition to this figure..."

"...Many scholars do not include the Nazi persecution of all of these groups in the definition of the Holocaust, with some scholars limiting the Holocaust to the genocide of the Jews; some to genocide of the Jews, Roma, and disabled; and some to all groups targeted by Nazi racism. Taking all these other groups into account, however, the total death toll rises considerably, estimates generally place the total number of Holocaust victims at 9 to 11 million, though some estimates have been as high as 26 million."

You assert without any evidence whatsoever, except your obvious racism, that, "I firmly believe that in order to justify a land for the Jews (creation of Israel out of nothing but biblical references), the West had to create a story so horrific that humankind is moved enough to accept and support Israel...The Nazi persecution of Jews pale in comparison with the horrors the Japs subjected to their prisoner of wars and the inhabitants of their occupied land. The plight of Asians under the Japanese was far greater than one can imagine; many folds of what the Jews faced at the hands of the Nazis."

Worse than killing non-combatants with poison gas, torture, starvation, obscene medical experiments, slave labor.? Millions of Soviet P.O.W.s were simply starved to death or shot out of hand by the Nazis.

You are, however, right about one thing-
"It is a historic fact that the Christian world always hated the Jews and have always persecuted them." So why is it that you are so obtuse that you cannot fathom how outrageous is it that anti-semitism still continues up to the present day?

As for your hand-wringing about the 'persecution' of the poor MINORITY - the Muslims---here are two more facts from Wikipedia-

"Judaism is the religion of the Jewish people with around 15 MILLION followers as of 2006, making it the twelfth-largest organized religion."

A Muslim (Arabic: مسلم, Turkish: Müslüman, Persian and Urdu: مسلمان) is an adherent of Islam.There are approximately 1.31 BILLION Muslims worldwide.

4:31 PM

Blogger MrKen45 said...

And how is it you are so obtuse that you cannot fathom why Germany will not allow the Swastika to be displayed even in 2006?

The original article was certainly correct - Indians know precious little about Hitler, the Holocaust & the Nazis.

4:50 PM


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