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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The End of Faith: Religion, Terror & The Future of Reason

“For anyone with eyes to see, there can be no doubt that religious faith remains a perpetual source of human conflict. Religion persuades otherwise intelligent men and women to not think, or to think badly, about questions of civilizational importance. And yet it remains taboo to criticize religious faith in our society, or to even observe that some religions are less compassionate and less tolerant than others. What is worst in us (outright delusion) has been elevated beyond the reach of criticism, while what is best (reason and intellectual honesty) must remain hidden, for fear of giving offense. ‘The End of Faith’ represents my first attempt to call to attention to the dangers and absurdities inherent in this situation..."

“The End of Faith: Religion, Terror & The Future of Reason,” (2005), Sam Harris(Norton & Co, New York).

To read the full article about Mr Harris' book by Chris Norton, the former
New York Director of American Atheists, please follow this hyperlink---


Anonymous Anonymous said...

An excellent book. Everyone should read this!

5:28 PM


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