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Friday, December 08, 2006

Democracy Cannot Survive Lack of Reason, Thinking & Logic

The United States has been spectacularly unsuccessful in trying to spread democracy into areas of the world dominated by religious fundamentalism--even by force of arms.

Following are excerpts from 2 articles about religious fundamentalism, democracy & science from

“Perhaps the unpardonable sin of fundamentalism is its effort to make people suspicious and afraid of their own minds, their own logic and thinking process. . . . If we cannot depend on our minds to process reality and make choices and decisions in life, then we are more likely to depend on fundamentalist preachers. . . . How can a democracy survive if all of us renounce reason, thinking and logic?”

---Former Christian fundamentalist Richard Yao

Mr Ken observes that unfortunately, the U.S. itself has not been a democracy for many decades. It has become a corporate plutocracy--anti-scientific and anti-intellectual---with supporters that look to religion rather than logic and reason for solutions.

'Harold Bloom states that the problems are not confined to fundamentalism: “Fundamentalism . . . is viciously anti-intellectual, but so, alas, is most American religion, of whatever camp.” '

'Bloom’s observation will be true as long as American religion looks to the Bible for guidance. No other outcome is possible when people follow a book that instructs them to distrust and reject their sensory perceptions and reasoning abilities.'

'The Bible’s anti-intellectual teachings are a recipe for being out of touch with reality - which is a path to ignorance, misery, and disaster.'

'Those irrational and harmful biblical ideas need to be replaced by science - with its methods of reason, observation, experience, and compassion.'

Religious fundamendalists 'lack research and evidence needed to support the outrageous supernatural claims they promote, written in an ancient book by ancient, superstitious peoples who knew very little about their world, environment and universe which (lay) outside the borders of their own little patch of Earth.'

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