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Friday, February 16, 2007

CNN on Atheism

MrKen notes that the quality of CNN's 'discussions' and 'reporting' has become almost indistinguishable from what passes for 'journalism' on Fox News. Only the PBS stations, with programs like Jim Lehrer's 'The News Hour', maintain any standards of journalistic excellence - and, not all the time, either.

But on CNN & Fox, we have dopey Paula Zahn, college dropout Sean Hannity, and the dumb bully Bill O'Reilly; Philistines all who repeat their ugly prejudices over and over again to their simpleton audiences. And let's not forget Larry King & Greta Van Susteren, who spend untold hours & multiple programs on matters of great portent, such as 'who is the father of Anna Nicole's infant child'...

Recently, Paula Zahn held a roundtable 'discussion' on Atheism--which, in the 'fair and balanced' tradition of the MSM (Mainstream Media) did not include one atheist.

On Paula Zahn's segment on atheism

Some opinion that MrKen agrees with:

I learned so much from this clip:

  • "Freedom of religion" does not mean "freedom from religion". I always seem to forget that Christianity is our state mandated religion. We need to enforce that one a little more strictly so people like me don't keep losing sight of the fact that the United States is a Christian nation.

  • The atheist minority are actually the people that are intolerant and discriminatory. I mean, it's certainly true that we find countless historical examples of atheists discriminating and killing in the name of their beliefs, right?

  • Europeans are less religious now and this situation has become a scourge upon their society. I can't imagine what bloody event could have ever caused people to lose their trust in religion. I mean, it's not like Christians in Europe ever killed Jews and Atheists for having different beliefs, right? I mean, something like that would never happen because Christians are always tolerant.

It is frightening to think of the size of the audience over which this mental midget holds sway. It really saddens me when I think about the people we give a voice to in our culture: Paris Hilton, Britney, Angelina, moron athletes, reality TV retards, and Paula Zahn. If Jesus can turn that gay preacher straight then these people should pray to receive some rational thinking skills.

I don’t mean to suck up to all of you but great comments!

"Do Atheists Bring Intolerance On Themselves? Good question CNN, by insisting that others keep their sabbath day holy (blue laws) do Christians bring it on themselves? By claiming their definition of life is the only definition, do Christians bring it on themselves? Do Christians bring it on themselves when they attempt to have their theology taught in science class. When they work to prevent stem-cell research, to interfere with a women's right to choose, to forbid people to choose to die with dignity, do Christians bring it on themselves? And yes by insisting that we honor their gods on our money and pledge allegiance to our nation under the thumb of their god do the Christians bring it on themselves? In short don't Christians bring it on themselves when they subvert our Constitution? When they confuse a nation with a majority of Christians with a Christian nation, tell me CNN, tell me Christian apologists, do they bring it on themselves?"

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Link to full story & discussion

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