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Friday, October 26, 2007

Gambler Won't Eat Until He Can Play Roulette Again

A Romanian man has taken compulsive gambling to a new level, by going on a hunger strike after being banned from a local casino. One suspects this is publicity the gambling industry could do without!

Ioan Seutiut was kicked out of the casino for allegedly swearing and shouting too loud while playing roulette, but the man claims that he was not doing anything different from anyone else that was in the casino.

"They say I swear and talk to loud but everybody shouts in there especially when losing. After all it's not a church, it's the roulette", said Seutiut in response to being thrown out.

He is currently sitting out front of the casino with a note that reads, "Roulette Hunger Strike".

The patron plans to sit outside until allowed back in and claims he will not accept medical attention or eat food until he's readmitted to the casino.

He went on to say, "I have a lot of money on me and I want to play it all on the Roulette but they just don't let me."

He plans to erect a tent just outside the casino and stay in it until he is allowed to play or is given back the he lost there--about $10,000.

He claims, "I love the Roulette even though it cost me lots of money. But that's my problem and all I ask from this casino is to let me play. If not I will not leave this place."

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