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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Serena Williams Reiterates Petty, Classless Comments about U.S. Open Match with #1 Justine Henin

A baffled Serena Williams during her quarterfinal loss to Justine Henin--Clueless & Classless

As MrKen posted on 9/28, Serena Williams raised eyebrows during a surly press conference at the U.S. Open, during which she blamed her quarterfinal loss on "a lot of lucky shots" hit by #1 ranked Justine Henin.

Just in case any readers were willing to overlook her immature & childish comments about the loss to the best female player in the world- as just reflecting momentary frustration with her poor showing-- check this out...from Reuters (10/8/07)

Serena Sets Sights on Reclaiming Top Spot

...Serena Williams lost in the quarter-finals of the U.S. Open to top-ranked eventual champion Justine Henin last month and said the Belgian hit some "lucky shots" to win 7-6 6-1.


While admitting she was frustrated during the post-match news conference, Williams would not apologize for the remarks.

"I want to know what I said that was such a problem," said Williams after facing some sharp criticism. "It was what it was."

Williams then tried to lamely also blame her loss on injury and, amazingly, "other interests". Are we to believe that she is just a dilettante at tennis? As she told Reuters,

"Definitely injury has a lot to do with it," Williams told Reuters in a telephone interview from Moscow. "Well, maybe it's a little bit of both, injury and my other interests.

"But I'm not going to stop doing what I do. I'm stubborn. That's a flaw that I have."

The 26-year-old Williams is involved in a variety of off-court projects, including fashion design and acting.

"I definitely do a lot of different things," she said. "I'm not just a tennis player. I don't want to be one of those girls that doesn't have anything to change in to when I'm done with my career.

"I think it's important to have things to fall back on."

I get it, Serena--even though you lost this very important match to Justine Henin, you are more "well-rounded", right?

MrKen says that this is just so much nonsense, Serena! You apparently don't possess the necessary skills or focus to regain a #1 ranking, so you make weak excuses.

MrKen is disgusted with the childish & petty egos of the massively overpaid athletes like Ms. Williams in the U.S. today. For instance, as the historic collapse of the N.Y. Mets was starting to unfold in mid-September against second-rate teams, one star gave an explanation of several key losses. "We're so good, that sometimes we get bored."

Hey Serena--wanna join the Mets?

To read the full Reuters interview, please follow this link:

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