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Monday, January 07, 2008

Huckabee Hunts for Pakistani Terrorists in Iowa

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, the GOP's 'Christian' candidate, is a rube as clueless as they come (except for 'W' of course). Barron's Alan Abelson hilariously satirized this political parvenu* in his 'Up & Down Wall Street' column of Jan. 7, 2008--

"The geographically challenged Mr. Huckabee, whose strongest card seems to be his amiability, demonstrated to the apparent satisfaction of the state's Republicans that he was a regular guy by donning some hunting gear and shooting at flocks of quizzical birds. But, in fact, our Iowa sources tell us, he was really after bigger game: He was keen on picking off some Pakistani terrorists who, he implied, have been sneaking into Iowa by the thousands to do their mischief."

"For Mr. Huckabee seems to have confused Pakistan with Mexico in terms of their respective locations and also seems to believe that Iowa borders on Mexico/Pakistan. We must admit we never did a thorough survey of the state in the considerable time we spent in such places as Red Oak and Iowa City. So it could be he's discovered a hitherto unknown sliver of the state (that) snakes its way undetected to the nations southern border. We're quite eager to see what comparable revelations Mr. Huckabee's journeys through New Hampshire yield."

*parvenu - A person who has suddenly risen above his social and economic class without the background or qualifications for his new status.

Hahahahahaha...Alan Abelson's column alone is worth the price of a Barron's subscription. :>) MrKen has been reading his gems for almost 40 years.

To get a free look at this week's Barron's, follow this link: (but you will have to subscribe or purchase a newstand copy ($5.00) to read Abelson's complete "Up & Down Wall Street" column.

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