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Friday, June 18, 2010

Jon Stewart Exposes "Dear Leader" Obama as a Charlatan & a Fraud

This former registered Democrat views both political parties as hopelessly corrupt. The "Yes, We Can" Administration is anything but. I suggest to the dwindling supporters of this "No We Can't & We Won't" Administration, that they view the first part of "The Daily Show" (6/15) with Jon Stewart---

Barack Obama thinks he can be trusted with the power, but... And here is a direct link to the video, where readers can also view comments.(Unfortunately, due to a video embed malfunction, I can only provide the link to the video).

This President is just another lying, corrupt American politician, worse than "W", because he is a constitutional scholar and surely knows better.

Kudos to Jon Stewart for brilliantly exposing the broken promises & failed Obama policies--which include health care, environmental issues, the expanded war in Afghanistan & growing human rights violations.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was a great clip of the Jon Stewart show Ken.. Thanks for posting it. I know someone who adamantly voted for Obama for "anti-war" reason is still a very strong fan of the president's.


12:10 AM

Blogger MrKen45 said...

Thx for the comment, Kenda. Perhaps your friend needs to be reminded that the Military-Industrial Plutocracy actually runs the U.S.A., not Mr. Obama. There is no "anti-war" party; this country, as John Dean of Watergate fame has posited, is a "proto-fascist" state. Like every previous failed empire, Amerika maintains an overconfident & over-extended military, an unsupportable debt load & a relentlessly depreciating currency & standard of living.

3:44 AM

Blogger The Hermit said...

It seems Obama is just more of the same. Again, what a racket!

8:24 AM

Blogger MrKen45 said...

Thx for your input, Hermit! I am pleased to see that you are "back from the dead".

3:41 PM


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