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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Want to See Serena? Wait Till U.S. Open

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Your swimsuit says it all Serena. It's ALL about you.

As the Wall Street Journal & the Washington Post reported (7/12 & 7/13), after cutting her foot, Serena Williams is withdrawing from the entire World Team Tennis season, the league said Monday. Williams was set to compete in four WTT matches-including one this Thursday in New York.

The Post reported that in the news release related to the injury, Williams issued what this writer describes as a classic disingenuous bald-faced lie--

"I'm very disappointed that I won't be able to play in the WTT matches this season," Williams said in a news release. "It is always such a fun experience and I love interacting with the fans in the cities that I don't often have the opportunity to play in during the rest of the year."

After perusing the 14 comments left by readers in response to the report, one critic had it so right, that I am reproducing it in its entirety below, since it characterizes this lazy brat & braggart far better than MrKen could hope to...

goodnight wrote:
News flash---- Serena is only committed to the Grand Slams if you follow tennis. She was conveniently "injured" earlier this year right after winning the Australian Open and turned up in Africa filming a special for the Tennis Channel, where she was seen dancing with a bad knee. Since the French Open and Wimbledon are so close together, there is not enough time to concoct a lie to miss a month or two. She will show up for on of the US Open Series tournaments, play half-heartedly and lose in the second-round; losing in the first will be too obvious. Then she will go on a tear at the US Open, explain away her sudden "foot injury", and either win the Open or lose in the quarters or semis.
She has chronic "I do not want to playitis" when there is not a slam involved. She and Venus held out until the last minute and then stiffed the Fed Cup team - which is hosting the championship match without them, thank you very much. Serena has claimed knee and foot injuries many times before, only to show up surfing with her now ex-boyfriend Common.
For those of you defending her, you may want to check her track record. In the real world, she could never hold a job.

The only items I would add to the above assessment is just simply look at the girl; (1) She certainly likes to pack away the burgers & fries, for sure, & (2) "Track & Field" workouts definitely do not exist in this player's workout regimen. If Williams actually has "cut her foot", it's on account of hauling a ton of "well-muscled whale blubber" around the tennis court (description by a NY Daily News writer @ 18 months ago)!
And shame on the tennis commentators extolling William's "wonderful shape", as she wheezes & labors her way through third sets, sweating like the overweight pig that she is. A role model for the younger generation--I think not!

Hey Mary Carillo, Martina, Johnny Mac & J Connors--did any of YOU look & labor like Serena as you competed for your many tennis titles?

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